Our Founder


I know God has a calling on my life to be a preacher. I know that from the top of my head to the souls of my feet. I know He’s moved mountains and made things that I counted as standing in my way disappear. There are so many examples of God’s Will in and on my life.

He spoke to my pastor’s heart and Southern Manor Baptist Church, my local-community  church, licensed me to preach. I received my national license and ordainment through National Association of Christian Ministers.

I knew God wanted me to start a local+online ministry. He etched that deeply on my heart. He put people in my path that wouldn’t let me be and gave me a HUGE push towards moving forward.

I will just but trust Him to lead the way, ask for help from the community He’s built around me both real-world and online, and then just do what I’m shown and taught.. He’ll take care of all the rest.

This is me strapping on my seat belt.. and sitting in the passenger seat.